Summer’s End



When Lisa Morton, author of The Halloween Encyclopedia, is called in to consult on the recent discovery of a fifteen-hundred-year-old Celtic manuscript, she’s at first excited about the light this monumental find might shed on Samhain, the mysterious Celtic precursor to Halloween.

Conor ó Cuinn, the Irish archaeologist who excavated the manuscript, thinks it reveals ancient magic. Lisa is skeptical…until people around her begin dying. Dr. Wilson Armitage, the university professor who was translating the manuscript, is found torn apart by wild animals…or was he actually attacked by vicious sidh, malicious Celtic spirits that wreak havoc every Samhain?

As October 31st approaches, the border between our realm and one of murderous spirits begins to dissolve. Can Lisa survive Halloween night and use her knowledge to set the world right again?


“Morton’s love and knowledge of Halloween shines through each and every page, as does her ability to craft tight, suspenseful scenes. You could easily gulp this down in one sitting, but I urge you not to.” –  Blu Gilliand, Fearnet

Summer’s End is the perfect storm of a story, where everything aligns completely, delivering a powerful new narrative that is rarely seen in fiction today. A beautifully written piece of dark literature that not only we horror and Halloween fans can enjoy, I think anyone who loves a great story will enjoy Summer’s End. All authors leave a piece of themselves in every story they write, with Summer’s End Lisa uses her extensive knowledge of her subject to not only deliver a story that is a genre unto itself, she manages to scare the hell out of you at the same time. Her writing has never been better, this just might be her best book yet.” – Peter Schwotzer, Famous Monsters

Publishers Weekly – “This ambitious marriage of postmodernism and horror attempts to blur traditional boundaries between writer and story, terse encounters with malignant spirits evoke chills, as does the atmospheric presence of Samhain.”

“With her new novella, SUMMER’S END, Lisa Morton achieves something rare, arguably unique: she creates a genre that can be defined only by this piece of work. This challenging, exhilarating, darkly-humored, heartbreaking work is hands-down brilliant, the best work she’s ever done; it’s been a long time since the boundaries between the book and its author have been so expertly blurred, trapping the reader in the oppressive , nerve-wracking gray area between. Don’t start reading with any preconceived notions about horror *or* storytelling because they’ll be shredded into confetti and scattered to the dark winds.  Just steel yourself for a reading experience that will rival any other piece of work you will encounter this year.” — Gary A. Braunbeck Bram Stoker Award-winning author of TO EACH THEIR DARKNESS

“In Summer’s End, Lisa Morton has created something so strikingly unique that it stands alone in the genre. All writers pull their work from inside themselves, but Morton has literally put herself inside the work, and she has pulled it off so beautifully, so seamlessly, that it does not read like fiction — it reads like an account of actual events. Her extensive knowledge of her subject and her impeccable skills as a writer and storyteller are combined in a wicked and delightful potion that gave me real goosebumps, real chills, and reminded me that horror fiction can and should frighten the hell out of the reader. Summer’s End is a thin volume, but it is a formidable achievement. I’ll never look at a jack-o’-lantern the same way again.” — Ray Garton Author of Live Girls and Meds.

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Author:   Lisa Morton

Publication Date:   October 4, 2013


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Print Length:   98 Pages

Publisher:  JournalStone

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