Book One of the

Chronicles of Diana Furnaval

In nineteenth-century Victorian England, a young widow finds that she has inherited more than her late husband’s property: The Furnavals serve as the ancestral keepers of supernatural portals scattered around the globe. When demonic entities begin crossing over from the Netherworld, Lady Diana realizes that a war is brewing, and she must be the one to confront it.

Accompanied by a young Chinese sailor named Yi-kin, her feline guardian Mina, and a mysterious scholar, Stephen, Diana will begin a journey to solve the mystery of her husband’s death and prevent the apocalypse.


“Action, suspense and deep horror are the hallmarks of Lisa Morton’s ‘Netherworld’. The protagonist Lady Diana Furnaval is the most compelling female adventurer since Evy Carnahan of ‘The Mummy’ franchise, as she travels the world fighting an ancient evil world of monstrous beings lurking just beyond ours. Morton’s cinematic style effortlessly delivers Victorian era England, Canton, Calcutta and Los Angeles, which must mask many fine hours of research; and paces the story so that the book is near impossible to set down. You may recognize a source of your own terrors as you follow Lady Diana and her companions through challenge after terror after revelation. The best fiction is part myth, part cold reality and Netherworld doesn’t fail either of those counts – the first novel in what promises to be a series of what the Victorians would have called ‘rollicking adventures’.” – Rocky Wood, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of STEPHEN KING: A LITERARY COMPANION

Fast-paced and intriguing, Netherworld is the kind of book that you wind up reading into the night because you can’t wait to find out what happens next.  It crosses genres over mystery, intrigue, and horror. Netherworld is non-stop action and its plot travels the world, and Morton seamlessly changes cultures as Diana travels. I do recommend that you read this book, especially if you are attracted to 19th Century gothic works with a modern twist. Highly original, I can’t say I have ever read anything quite like Netherworld.  –  Jeani Rector, The Horror Zine

Netherworld is a crazily fun romp, compulsively readable and full of wit, engaging characters, and wonderfully weird supernatural twists.  Lisa Morton has created dazzling entertainment that’s a great mystery, historical thriller, spy story, and horror novel all rolled into one. – David Liss, Bestselling author of The Twelfth Enchantment and The Whiskey Rebels

“Hold on to your hats for this one, people. Right from the first page Lisa has you and you will not be able to stop…Lisa has delivered a book that firmly cements her place as one of the best writers working today…in any genre. With Netherworld – Book One of the Chronicles of Diana Furnaval Lisa has created a heroine for the ages that is sure to please any reader that likes grand adventure, intrigue and outright terror.” – Peter Schwotzer, Literary Mayhem

“Disturbing, chilling–and wonderful! Lisa Morton’s Netherworld is a tale that grips you from beginning to end. And it’s the kind of book you pick up again and again–marveling at the wonderful atmosphere created that sweeps you in–and stays and chills with you into the dark of night.”  –  Heather Graham, New York Times-bestselling author of Blood Red and The Night is Forever

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Author:   Lisa Morton

Publication Date:   January 10, 2014


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