Wyrd and Other Derelictions



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Derelictions are horror stories told in ways you may not have encountered before.

Something is missing from the silent places and worlds inside these stories. Something has been removed, taken flight, or been destroyed. Us.

Derelictions are weird tales that tell of aftermaths and of new and liminal places. Each location has witnessed catastrophe, infernal visitations, or unearthly transformations. But across these landscapes of murder, genocide and invasion, crucial evidence remains. And it is the task of the listener to sift through ruin and ponder the residual enigma, to behold and wonder at the full horror that was visited upon mankind.

A dead ship carries a terrible cargo across a black ocean. Below deck, signs of slaughter and devotion await to tell a ghastly tale.

On a barren and hostile shore a great ritual has been enacted successfully. The act of a god may have taken place. But what kind of deity did this?

An eerily silent campsite. No sign of life. Look closer and observe the grisly artefacts of annihilation. In the very foundations of this dreadful house, was something supernormal called upon to abolish life so mercilessly?

Wyrd and Other Derelictions contains seven derelictions, original horror stories from the author of Hasty for the Dark and Some Will Not Sleep (winner of The British Fantasy Award for Best Collection).


Product Details:

Author: Adam L. G. Nevill

Publication Date: October 2020 – Audio Only Edition

Price: $14.95

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