Whitetooth Falls




*2020 Gold Medal Winner of the 2020 Independent Book Publishers Association Benjamin Franklin Award for Horror Fiction*


“Joschko’s complex storytelling will keep readers hooked until the final bloody scene.” —Publishers Weekly


“With his stunning debut Whitetooth Falls, Justin Joschko explodes on the horror scene with a chilling tale of genuine horror! Highly recommended!” —Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of V-Wars and Rage


“Joschko’s prose is lyrical, but with bite. This book is gritty enough to wear your teeth down, with a full dose of noir and a fresh take on classic horror. I loved it.” —Sarah Read, author of The Bone Weaver’s Orchard and Out of Water


Homicide detective David Moore has never had a case quite like this: a series of savage murders targeting the family of Frank Ballaro, a mafia kingpin with half the city of Niagara Falls in his pocket. The killer strikes with inhuman violence, and always on the night of a full moon.

Meanwhile, grad student Iman Al-Qadari reads about the murders with growing dismay. Her boss, a prominent professor, has been acting strange over the last few months—wearing disheveled clothes, lashing out with uncharacteristic anger, and obsessing over a growing pile of occult literature. When Iman spots a red stain on his coat sleeve—one that looks and smells suspiciously like blood—the night after a grisly murder, the unthinkable starts to seem all too possible.

As David and Iman wrestle with an impossible enemy whose existence grows harder and harder to deny, a strange and sinister evil sinks its fangs ever deeper into Niagara’s throat. Can David and Iman find one another in time to pool their knowledge, solve the mystery, and stop the killings? Or will the creature feasting on their city swallow them as well?

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Author: Justin Joschko

Publication Date: November 8, 2019


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Print Length: 264 pages

Publisher: JournalStone