Walking the Dusk





With that one word, uttered in the dead of night, young Charlie’s life veers down a dark and unbelievable road.

Some thirty years later, Dr. Charles Barry teaches physics at a small California college. Only in dreams do those childhood events reach him: the strange presence in the house, the otherworldly visits and the shadow over his beloved older sister, Megan, whose troubled inward life he could only glimpse.

That is, until his father dies, and Megan, now an artistic wanderer, comes back into his life. With her come memories of unearthly creatures, a predatory entity and a harrowing trek behind the walls of the known cosmos, toward places of the alien and seemingly impossible, in order to save the very essence of his sister.

Now, caught once more by the same forces, Charles returns to those places in the hopes of setting certain things right—and to keep Megan from slipping away forever.

With Walking the Dusk, Mike Robinson delivers a contemporary Dantean vision, one of both sweepingly surreal vistas and intimate bonds, a mind-and-genre-warping journey into the twin infinities of the universe within, and the universe without.

Walking the Dusk is a wonderfully skin-crawling, page-turning blend of Stephen King’s IT and Dante’s Inferno. Robinson taps into childhood fear and adult understanding for a fantastic descent into madness, loss, and identity.” —Peter Clines, New York Times bestselling author of The Broken Room

Walking the Dusk is true art, a hauntingly beautiful portrait of the sheer weight of life, love, and mortality.” J.P. Barnett, bestselling author of The Beast of Rose Valley

“Not just dark fantasy, but evocative thriller, Walking the Dusk takes readers into psychosomatic realms of terror and of beauty, of events and shadowed ways that slip between our dreams to our waking days and spread into the cosmos of infinite consciousness. A wild ride for lovers of reflective supernatural journeys.” Eric J. Guignard, multiple award-winning author and editor, including That Which Grows Wild and Doorways to the Deadeye

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Author: Mike Robinson

Publication Date: May 12, 2023


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