The Ultimate Dinosaur Dance-Off




The Ultimate Dinosaur Dance-Off is a cavalcade of daft, enjoyable fun. When the whole planet is drowning in seriousness sometimes it’s necessary to escape into a world of Tyrannosaurus Task Forces, deadly dance moves, and anal parrots.” —Madeleine Swann, author of Fortune Box

The Ultimate Dinosaur Dance-Off is Billy Elliot meets Jurassic Park.

With an Apatosaurus as a guide, Colin and Emma must dance their way through the Days of the Dinosaur—an island in a psychedelic prehistoric times—to rescue their friend Joe from the Tyrannosaurus Rex. But Colin has another mission: To gain the love of Rose, the Apatosaurus of his dreams. Will Colin and his crew be able to rescue their friend by beating the Tyrannosaurus Rex in his Ultimate Dinosaur Dance-Off? Will Colin be able to fulfill his lifelong dream of mating with an Apatosaurus?

“Andrew Stone’s The Ultimate Dinosaur Dance-Off has one of the strangest premises ever put on paper—a universe of ancient animals on shifting planes of existence whose driving force is getting footloose and a showdown of epic proportions in an otherworldly, apocalyptic discotheque. It’s a lot of madness to hang together, but Stone keeps the action hopping along at a boogaloo pace, and the story’s weird trappings are rooted in the emotional longing at its core.

“The strangest love story ever told” was the tagline of the 1931 film of Dracula, but it’s better applied here, as Stone generates real romantic sparks between two of his characters, only one of which is human. The overall effect is more lighthearted than most other Bizarro I’ve read, as the story mostly avoids violence and instead strikes a tone of humorous adventure—an uplifting read in these strange times we live in, which don’t seem so strange when compared to this book.” —Andrew Goldfarb, author of Midnight Earwig Buffet and the lone member of the psychedelic rock band The Slow Poisoner

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Author: Andrew J. Stone

Publication Date: September 28, 2020


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Print Length: 176 pages

Publisher: Bizarro Pulp Press, an imprint of JournalStone