The Occultists




“An Edwardian tapestry of ceaseless occult war and world-wide political struggle … Schattel surprises by skillfully reanimating old tropes as she explores dreadful personal loss, unexpected betrayal, and dogged persistence. With its memorable monstrosities—both human and other—its conflicted protagonist, and a plot full of twists, The Occultists is a fascinating tale of both the esoteric and the mundane.” —John Linwood Grant, author of The Assassin’s Coin and A Persistence of Geraniums


For Edwardian-era spiritualists and illusionists, silence is more than a strategy; it’s a way of life. And when Max Grahame, a bullied small-town teen, discovers a secretive world of occultism and séances right under his nose, he can hardly contain his excitement.

But as Max begins his conjurer’s lessons in earnest, his newfound knowledge exposes the group’s dark and deeply sinister designs, leading to a game of supernatural cat and mouse that takes him from the ancient hills of rural Georgia and the mystic plains of the Midwest to fin-de-siècle Manhattan…and beyond.

Impeccably researched and wildly imaginative, The Occultists is a darkly-riveting historical fantasy in which magic is terrifying, and annihilation is closer than Max could ever imagine.

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Author: Polly Schattel

Publication Date: July 17, 2020


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Publisher: JournalStone