The Life and Times of Hieronymus Aloysis Ziege



By Hi Ziege, Edited and Introduced by John Bruni

You think you know the Lewis and Clark expedition, but you don’t.

Hi Ziege is a man who thought he was wasting his life until he discovered that he could do so much more by joining the Discovery Corps from such a nameless place as La Charrette. Everything that Lewis and Clark and all the others left out of their journals is recorded here, including their experiences with aliens and bigfoot (bigfeet?).

“Stylistically, he’s a blend of Edward Lee and Jeremy Robert Johnson.” —Brian Keene, author of The Rising and The Seven

“John Bruni has combined historical and hysterical into a bizarro-themed redneck autobiography for the age of the absurd. A gory, nasty, wild bout of fun we didn’t know we needed, until the blood and moonshine spilled from the pages in front of us and congealed into one hell of a cocktail.” —Michael Allen Rose, author of Boiled Americans

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Author: John Bruni

Publication Date: June 24, 2022


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