The Gypsy Moths




“Gifune is on my very short list of must-read authors. I wouldn’t miss anything he writes!’  –Richard Chizmar, author of Chasing the Boogeyman

Summer, 2017: Three troubled, middle-aged men return to their hometown to attend the funeral of a childhood friend, carrying with them secrets to a terrifying past that began forty years earlier.

Summer, 1977: Fourteen-year-old Frankie Boy Molinari and his friends are enjoying their last months of freedom before beginning high school in the fall. Life in the Massachusetts town of Samoset is quiet and carefree, until a swarm of Gypsy Moths arrive. Left unchecked, they will defoliate the town and cause severe ecological damage. But something far worse has come to town along with them, an evil hidden within the swarm. Frankie’s father claims to have seen it, and begins to lose his mind, and soon, reality as Frankie knows it transforms into something much darker and deceptive than he ever imagined possible. With everything in his once stable world crumbling around him, Frankie and his friends form a ragtag band of unlikely saviors, and become the only chance their town has to survive an entity so primal and horrific, they may never fully escape it.

Shifting between the past and present, THE GYPSY MOTHS is a story of family, friendship, love, madness and loss, a coming-of-age tale with a shocking twist and an original take on a monstrous legend come to life.

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Author: Greg F. Gifune

Publication Date: December 3, 2021


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Print Length: 202 pages

Publisher: JournalStone