The Ghost Finders




“Strangely affecting and wildly imaginative, Adam McOmber’s The Ghost Finders is a gripping fog-and-cobblestones romp that rivals Caleb Carr and Alan Moore at their best … but with a startlingly fresh and grisly heart all its own. This is no starchy tale of faded ghosts and old legends—this is visceral, white-knuckle, brain-rattling stuff. There are wonders in here.” —Polly Schattel, author of The Occultists

Henry Coxton, a fledgling occult detective, has taken up recent stewardship of a ghost finding firm, investigating gaslit mysteries in the damp cobblestone streets of Edwardian London. Along with his friends and associates—Violet Asquith, a telekinetic with a mysterious past, and Christopher X, a monster of dubious origins—Henry must work against the clock to solve the agency’s most terrifying case, one that threatens to destroy all he holds dear and perhaps even the very fabric of reality itself. Strongly influenced by the weird horror of Algernon Blackwood, M.R. James, and William Hope Hodgson, The Ghost Finders explores the darkest corners of London’s occult realities.

“With larger-than-life characters and expertly conjured gritty, gas-lamp ambience, this is a treat for fans of dark historical fantasy and weird fiction alike.” —Publishers Weekly


“More than the traditional occult detective fare, this intricate novel manages to intertwine period fascination with spiritualism/occultism and the question of those greater cosmic forces which might be lurking in the wings. This is a skilful blend of interesting characters, conflicting loyalties and betrayals which, with a wry—and purposeful—nod to Hope Hodgson’s Carnacki the Ghost Finder, also questions the whole endeavour of investigating the supernatural. Clever and intriguing.” —John Linwood Grant, author of The Assassin’s Coin and Where All is Night, and Starless

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Author: Adam McOmber

Publication Date: June 4, 2021


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Publisher: JournalStone