The Eye Unseen



Lucy Tew’s life is a labyrinth of darkness.

She has no food, no water, and a mother who can’t wait to test her axe on Lucy’s neck.

Locked in her room for weeks on end, with only her dog Tippy for companionship, Lucy faces hours stacked like corpses as days dwindle to little more than watching corn wither in the fields and animals stir within it.

But they aren’t the only ones aware of Lucy’s predicament.

Inside the house, the very walls come alive as Lucy flounders with sanity. A stranger appears to lead Lucy through her darkest days, but is he the savior she craves? He revels in the turmoil that shadows him. His old relationship with her mother will soon rekindle. And his name is so obscene, no one dares utter it.

Except for the one that calls him Father.

The Eye Unseen is creepy, unsettling, moving, surprising, and utterly impossible to put down.   This book started out strange, and then becomes totally insane, in all the best ways, and from the first few pages I was completely hooked.   Cynthia Tottleben has created an absolutely beautiful novel about a twisted relationship and even more twisted circumstances.  Don’t miss this one. – David Liss – New York Times-bestselling author of The Twelfth Enchantment and The Whiskey Rebels

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Author:   Cynthia Tottleben

Publication Date:   January 17, 2014


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Print Length:   282 Pages

Publisher:  JournalStone