The Disappearance


The Disappearance

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A haunting tale of a missing girl that could only have come from the mind of Bram Stoker Award®-winning author Bentley Little.

The festival was intended as a getaway from UCLA for Gary, his girlfriend, Joan, and their friends. But soon after they arrive, Joan vanishes. Calls to her parents’ home yield only dead air. Her school records are gone. And there’s no evidence that Joan, or even her roommate, ever existed. Most disturbing of all is what they do find.

Among Joan’s belongings is a prayer written on a small scroll. It’s a safeguard — and a warning — from something called The Outsiders. For Gary and his friends, it’s the only clue. Now, if they want to find out exactly what happened to Joan, they must follow it. But they may not like what they find….


Product Details:

Author: Bentley Little

Publication Date: June 2020 – Audio Only Edition

Price: $24.95

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