The Demon’s Wife



Claire McMullen is just an ordinary woman — until you look at her long, beautiful bright-red hair. She has a job she hates, a roommate she tolerates, and she spends her weekend nights bar-hopping, looking for her “Mr. Right.” One cold, rainy night she meets Samael — tall, dark, handsome and rich — and a romance blossoms.  Claire thinks she may have found her soulmate — until Samael informs Claire that he’s actually a demon.

Can Claire trust a demon’s claims of true love—or is he just plotting after her immortal soul? Can a demon even feel true love, and if so…

What are the consequences of such a love for both Hell and Heaven?


“The Demon’s Wife asks the question What do you expect when you marry a demon? Rick Hautala answers that question with harrowing suspense, dark mystery, and masterful plotting. Not many women can say they’re in love–or lust–with a man who has a tail, but Claire McMullen can. This DEMON has style, sensuality and soul.”  Robert McCammon

The Demon’s Wife is wonderfully entertaining and entirely compelling, a horrifying and heartfelt urban fantasy sure to appeal to fans of Charlaine Harris and Kelley Armstrong.  Cloaked inside this dark, frightening tale is horror legend Rick Hautala’s surprising treatise on the purifying, redemptive power of love.” — Christopher Golden, New York Times bestselling co-author of Joe Golem and the Drowning City and Father Gaetano’s Puppet Catechism

“Rich in detail, and with a unique and devilishly good premise, Rick Hautala’s The Demon’s Wife is a completely compelling journey into a most-unusual marriage of the supernatural and earthly. A master of horror, Hautala conjures up twists and turns that will keep readers guessing what will happen next to the demon’s wife, Claire, and her very different husband, as the pages go flying by.” — Matthew Costello, Author of Vacation and Home

“The Demon’s Wife is a sly examination of the strangest marriage you will ever see. It’s a fast-paced, mordant examination of contemporary relationships, full of clever twists and irreverent reversals that turn the ideas of love and standard theology inside-out. Echoes of Wodehouse and Sheckley resonate through the pages. A fitting capstone to a magical career.” Thomas F. Monteleone 4-time Bram Stoker Award winner

“THE DEMON’S WIFE is a brilliant, chilling, mind-blowing and heart-stopping novel of horror and magic. A superb novel, first page to last.” – Jonathan Maberry, New York Times best-selling author of EXTINCTION MACHINE and FIRE & ASH.

“Quirky, funny, frightening, and romantic, THE DEMON’S WIFE would have been right at home in that paragon of pulp magazines, John Campbell’s UNKNOWN (and there is no higher praise for fantasy). Reminiscent of John Collier, Thorne Smith, and Roald Dahl at their most wicked, the tale turns on a dime from charming to chilling as it asks the eternal question, ‘How far are we willing to go for love?'” Chet Williamson

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Author:   Rick Hautala

Publication Date:   September 13, 2013


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Print Length:   314 Pages

Publisher:  JournalStone

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