The Burning Time

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An ancient evil has come to Hastings Mills, and only one man can stop it.

Wherever The Stranger goes, evil follows. Wild dogs roam the fields. Townspeople turn on each other in murderous fury. Innocent women throw themselves off bridges. Swimmers disappear, victims of a deadly beast that haunts their waters. And the worst is still yet to come. The Stranger plans to open a gateway to the nether realms and release the Elder Gods to bring forth Chaos on Earth.

Only one man knows the truth, a country mage whose family has fought The Stranger before. But can he defeat his ageless enemy before Hastings Mills is nothing but a smoking ruin and the townspeople become unwilling blood sacrifices to the Old Ones? With only the help of a young woman and her teenage son, he will have to use all of his arcane knowledge to thwart his adversary and prevent the final apocalypse.

In Hastings Mills, The Burning Time has arrived.


“With THE BURNING TIME, Mr. Faherty, in my opinion has written his best tale to date. It is a rip-roaring supernatural horror tale that beautifully combines all that I love in a good story…a hell of a fun read that you will not be able to put down once you start, written by one of the best up and coming writers in the business and I highly recommend it. (Peter Schwotzer, Famous Monsters of Filmland, Jan. 11, 2013)

“Faherty’s tale is a classic, compelling and gripping tale of good versus evil…Faherty’s knowledge of the paranormal is spooky in its own right cementing his position in formidable, spell binding horror. (Dave Gammon,, 02/04/2013)

“JG Faherty writes in a style that is clean, easy to read, and well-paced. He builds up the suspense through the first half of the novel and follows through with lots of action in the second. I highly recommend adding any of Faherty’s books to your reading list. The Burning Time is my current favorite.” (Alice Andersen, Horror Literature Editor, BellaOnline)

“The author has a tremendous talent for appeasing the subconscious executing a solid foundation for plot design and character development. His expert blend of dialogue, action and just a hint of exposition lures the reader deep into the story, seemingly with ease. Before one knows it, the readership is several chapters into the tale, infectious imagination forever reeling and unveiling what happens next…His work is consistent, forever suspenseful, resourceful captivating.” – Rick Ammortis, (For full review, visit:

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Author: JG Faherty

Publication Date:  January 18, 2013


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