The Bank




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“We know who you are! Can your current bank say that? We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled service to all of our customers. We’re looking forward to banking with you!”

In the small town of Montgomery, Arizona, Kyle Decker’s book shop is barely breaking even. When a bank opens in the empty storefront next door, he hopes the new establishment will bring in more foot traffic. Trouble is, nobody has ever heard of the First People’s Bank, and the local branch has appeared mysteriously overnight.

Their incentives for new customers seem reasonable…at first. But is it a coincidence when Kyle’s wife has her identity stolen and his son receives emails that seem to know his private thoughts? Or when the manager of a competing financial institution dies a gruesome death?

Soon, if people in Montgomery, Arizona, want to buy a new car or home or if they need a small business loan, they have no choice but to work with the First People’s Bank. As the bank makes increasingly bizarre demands on its customers, it becomes clear the town may be in too deep…and the penalty for an early withdrawal is too terrifying to imagine.

With his latest original novel, Bentley Little’s dark, razor-sharp satire takes on the worst practices of our banking industry, and you’ll never look at your loan officer the same way again.


Product Details:

Author: Bentley Little

Publication Date: March 2020 – Audio Only Edition

Price: $24.95

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