Skidding Into Oblivion



Skidding Into Oblivion

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We each inhabit many worlds, often at the same time. From worlds on the inside to the world on a cosmic scale. Worlds imposed on us, and worlds of our own making. In time, though, all worlds will end. Bear witness:

–After the death of their grandmother, two cousins return to their family’s rural homestead to find a community rotting from the soul outward and a secret nobody dreamed their matriarch had been keeping.
–The survivors of the 1929 raid on H.P. Lovecraft’s town of Innsmouth hold the key to an anomalous new event in the ocean. If only someone could communicate with them…
–The ultimate snow day turns into the ultimate nightmare when it just doesn’t stop.
–An extreme metal musician compels his harshest critic to live up to the hyperbole of his trolling.
–With the last of a generation of grotesquely selfish city fathers on his deathbed, the residents of the town they doomed exercise their right to self-determination one last time.
–As history repeats itself and the world shivers through a volcanic winter, a group gathers around the shore of a mountain lake to, once again, invoke the magic that created the world’s most famous monster.

With Skidding Into Oblivion, his fifth collection, award-winning author Brian Hodge brings together his most concentrated assortment yet. It includes all of the best picks and awards finalists. All stories have one thing in common: It’s the end of the world as we know it, and we don’t feel fine at all.

Product Details:

Author: Brian Hodge

Publication Date: October 2019 – Audio Only Edition

Price: $24.95

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