Six Dreams About the Train and Other Stories



and Other Stories

Six Dreams About the Train and Other Stories by Swedish-Canadian author Maria Haskins brings together 23 speculative fiction short stories—two of them previously unpublished—that span fantasy, science fiction, and horror, delving into the dark, the strange, the beautiful, and the uncanny points in between. Many of the stories take place in the deepest parts of the woods, on the shadowy border between reality and fairytale. Others take place on the streets of Vancouver; in a whispering circle of ancient stones on a high tor; and backstage at a rock concert.

Here, a mother’s vivid dreams are haunted by the ever-present specter of a freight train. A grandmother disappears from her nursing home and only her granddaughter knows that she has disappeared into her own fairytale. In a village inhabited by humans and wolves, a girl rebels by turning herself into a cub. A woman searches for her three children, facing her own doubts about whether she wants to be their mother. A dog traverses a post-apocalyptic landscape to save its pups. Another dog travels to the underworld in search of his lost girl. In a Canadian basement, two friends play a game that changes one of them into a terrifying creature. Two women trying to defeat an ancient entity must first face down a world-famous rock star. A string of mysterious deaths across the solar system pits two friends against each other at the bottom of the North Sea. And in a stark landscape riven by magic and myth, an old Viking warrior is haunted by visions of dragons as she searches for her abducted son.

In each of these tales, people and creatures are rarely quite what they seem. As author Angela Slatter says in her foreword, reading a Maria Haskins story feels like “the unexpected dragon in the sky.”

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Author: Maria Haskins

Publication Date: August 13, 2021


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