Shout Kill Revel Repeat




“Scott R. Jones is a genuine master of horror, thoroughly contemporary and at the same time rooted in the best traditions of the field. His work ranges from heights of cosmic awe to the depths of the darkest psychology, and I predict he has by no means finished astonishing us. May he carry his uncanny flame into territories he has yet to reveal, as only he can.” —Ramsey Campbell, author of The Grin of the Dark and Thirteen Days by Sunset Beach

“In Shout Kill Revel Repeat, Scott R. Jones blends mind-blowing science fiction and mysticism with Lovecraftian concepts, stunningly mutated into unique configurations to excite even the most jaded Mythos reader. Throughout this standout debut collection, there are compelling themes of identity, transformation, and inescapable doom, enacted against vivid backgrounds both mundane and nightmarishly alien. With his staggering imagination and beautiful prose voice, Jones proves himself to be among the absolute best of our contemporary writers of weird fiction.”
Jeffrey Thomas, author of Punktown


“Scott R. Jones is a psychonaut, a visionary, a marauder who forays into the farthest corners of the psyche, from which fathomless hollows he brings you these seventeen dark gems. There’s horror to be found here, and SF, and stories that defy classification—but the hand that takes yours and guides you through is steady, with a strong, steely grip. He is a writer—and these are stories—of consequence.” —Matthew M. Bartlett, author of Gateways to Abomination and Creeping Waves

On a mission to recover an ancient artifact, an amnesiac girl unlocks the terrible secret of humanity’s past and future. The implementation of a radical new technology sends an unlucky test pilot into a dimension of enlightenment and horror. A mystic obsessed with higher-order camouflage uncovers the true face of the world. Lovers on a wilderness trek encounter the unspeakable in a place where time and space turn on themselves. A harmless question posed to a Ouija board unleashes an unusual plague. And a crack team of mutants and monstrosities storms the stronghold of a mad god in a last-ditch effort to rescue Reality itself from delirium and decay.

In Shout Kill Revel Repeat, the debut collection of short fiction from Scott R. Jones, you’ll be introduced to nihilistic shapeshifters, deranged billionaire magicians, surf champions, survivalists, sadists, and soldiers, all of whom learn that to live is to enter into a never-ending cycle of fury and fear, dark revelation and deepest regret.

Shout. Kill. Revel. Repeat.

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Author: Scott R. Jones

Publication Date: December 6, 2019


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Print Length: 244 pages

Publisher: Trepidatio Publishing, an imprint of JournalStone