“White demonstrates his skilled hand with eerie, atmospheric scene-setting in this wonderfully weird horror novella… This is a masterful work.” — Publishers Weekly (starred review)


“Part mystery, part thriller, part batshit horror show, Rookfield reads like a midnight episode of The Twilight Zone on steroids.” —Philip Fracassi, author of Beneath a Pale Sky


“The horror of Rookfield is mysterious and nuanced and intricate, until it’s not, until it’s yawing and snarling, the stuff of nightmares. White remains without question one of my favorite writers working today.” —Keith Rosson, author of Folk Songs for Trauma Surgeons

When Cabot Howard’s ex-wife, Leana, flees the pandemic with their son Porter to the backwoods town of Rookfield, Cabot sets off after them. Once he arrives, however, he finds Leana is in hiding, her family won’t hand Porter over, and the townsfolk are deadly serious about always wearing masks. The town’s children dress like little plague doctors and the adults are hellbent on getting Cabot out by nightfall.  Despite being alone and under attack, Cabot won’t leave without his son. Nothing—not ex-in-laws, not the sheriff, not even whatever monstrosity might be lurking in the woods just behind the barn—will stop Cabot from getting them out of … Rookfield.

Rookfield is fast paced and evocative—a foreboding look back at all our worst fears of the last year. It’s impossible to avoid a visceral reaction to White’s main character, and strap in for the ride as he keeps pushing to find out just what’s wrong in the little town where nothing is as it seems. A fast, enjoyable read.” —Laurel Hightower, author of Crossroads and Whispers in the Dark

 “With Rookfield, White cleverly corkscrews narrative threads, culminating in a compelling, claustrophobic nest of a novella.” —Clint Smith, author of The Skeleton Melodies

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Author: Gordon B. White

Publication Date: October 15, 2021


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