Only Monsters Remain




“Donahue at his best plumbs the souls of his characters. In this tale of a crushing apocalypse undreamed of by man, beast, or Bibliomancy, he redefines humanity as well as the nature of monsters.” —Ef Deal, author of Esprit de Corpse

“Masterfully crafted cosmic horror, vivid and visceral, with dynamic characters driving the story to its epic conclusion, Donahue is quickly forging his place among the likes of John Langan, Laird Barron, and Thomas Ligotti.” —Candace Nola, author of Bishop, creator of UncomfortablyDark

Jillian Futch relocates to the peculiar coastal town of Pell, Rhode Island, to pursue her work as a mortician’s apprentice. Having spent most of her life as a misfit, she believes she has finally found a home where she can blend in among her fellow “freaks.” Her peaceful existence turns to chaos when a horde of tentacled monsters descends from the clouds and destroys the civilized world.

As the invaders retreat, Jillian emerges from the rubble intent on rebuilding her life. She helps her fellow survivors heal from unimaginable loss by hosting primitive funerals for loved ones killed in the months-long apocalypse. When a cadaver enters her embalming room bearing an impossible surprise, Jillian realizes the otherworldly horrors have only just begun.

“William J. Donahues Only Monsters Remain takes the idea of a post-apocalyptic world and focuses it on the life of one woman. Jillian, a wonderfully nihilistic and plucky heroine, along with one oddly charming cephalopod, will face monsters raining from the sky and descending from the hills while exploring the bonds of friendship and the truth of the modern human condition. Only Monsters Remain is an apocalyptic adventure and a strangely heartwarming horror.” —Heather Miller, author of Tales My Grandmother Told Me and What the Dead Leave Behind

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Author: William J. Donahue

Publication Date: August 25, 2023


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