Nightfall and Other Dangers




“Jacob Steven Mohr’s Nightfall and Other Dangers assembles such a staggering array of authorial voices, forms, and frights that it reads like the worst nightmares of fifteen feverish brains all preserved together in a single ghastly jar. An impressive collection of experimental, classical, and personal horrors, Nightfall and Other Dangers is sure to satisfy readers of every taste.” — Gordon B. White, author of Rookfield

A flyboy volunteers for a suicide mission with a copilot from beyond the stars. A painter’s body is possessed by a malevolent force to render a likeness of its hellish beloved. Hundreds of adults mysteriously drown themselves along a one-mile stretch of beach. Two bandits mistakenly steal a severed head—and inherit a nightmare.

These and more are the narratives within Nightfall & Other Dangers: stories of ecstasy and terror, memory and madness. Quietly apocalyptic, intimately brutal, and above all else devilishly frightening, this is the beginning of the Nightfall, from which there is no reprieve of dawn.

“The stories in Nightfall & Other Dangers are populated with people you know. They are your neighbors, your friends. They’re you. Mohr deftly mines the familiar for not only terror but painful truths, reminding us again and again that there is no safety in the places and people we know.” — J.A.W. McCarthy, author of Sometimes We’re Cruel and Other Stories

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Author: Jacob Steven Mohr

Publication Date: April 7, 2023


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Publisher: JournalStone