Life on the 64 Bus



Life on the 64 Bus

“This is sensational writing. Hodson sneaks humor into grave passages and gravity just when you thought it was fun. A magician with a pen.” –Josh Malerman, New York Times bestselling author of Bird Box and Goblin

Eat. Pray. Knife fight.

After being diagnosed with mental illness, Keats wants nothing more than to get away. His first day in Rome he falls in love – and she steals his wallet and passport. See, this isn’t the Rome of La Dolce Vita. This is the Rome of confidence scams, warring gangs of pickpockets living in the catacombs, and Robin Hood philosopher kings. Keats falls in with this off-the-grid society and, for the first time, finds himself a part of something. The eclectic group of Misfits (with a capital M) teach him every scam they know and the group’s leader, an aging punk rocker they call the Carny, seems to be grooming Keats to be his replacement.

But running from problems is never a good idea. After a series of knife fights, kidnappings, car chases, and a nude sprint across the city, Keats begins to suspect something is wrong with the Carny, something that could put his new family in serious danger. Protecting them, however, will mean a betrayal of everything he holds dear. Hey, at least he’s on vacation.

Funny, romantic, and action-packed, Life on the 64 Bus is a story about how family isn’t always connected by blood, no matter how much of it gets spilled.

“Brad Hodson has an incredible author’s voice in Life on the 64 Bus. I absolutely loved it and highly recommend it as a great story by a wonderful writer.” –Heather Graham, New York Times bestseller and Thriller Master recipient, author of The Unforgiven and The Forbidden

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Author: Brad C. Hodson

Publication Date: August 6, 2021


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