Joe Ledger: The Official Companion



Joe Ledger:  The Companion Book

An 8 1/2 x 11, 208-page must have for any and all Joe Ledger Fans!!!

If they have to call in Joe Ledger and Echo Team then it’s already hit the fan!

The Official Joe Ledger Companion takes you inside the mysterious and dangerous world of the DMS: Department of Military Sciences. In here you’ll find the following declassified data:


  • Mission files for each of Joe Ledger’s cases;
  • Biographies of the members of the DMS -get to know more about Mr. Church, Top and Bunny, Bug, Dr. Hu and all the others;
  • Background profiles on the madmen and terrorists Joe has fought –The Seven Kings, The Red Knights, the Jakobys, Majestic Three and more;
  • Meet the allies of Joe Ledger and the DMS –Violin, Arklight, Toys, Lilith and others.
  • Specs and information on weapons and technology;
  • Comments from some of Mr. Church’s ‘Friends in the Industry;’
  • Staff interviews with the members of DMS –crawl inside the heads and hearts of Mr. Church, Joe Ledger and the rest of the team;
  • Get a complete list in reading order of the Joe Ledger novels, short stories, and even comic book appearances;
  • Journey into the expanded Joe Ledger universe by exploring tie-ins to the Pine Deep Trilogy, the Rot & Ruin series, the Dead of Night series, the case files of Sam Hunter and more!

The Joe Ledger Companion is the mission intel you need to roll out with the heroes of Echo Team.


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Product Details:

Author: Dana Fredsti & Mari Adkins with Thomas C. Raymond, Brian L. Bird, Kelly Powers, Babette Raymond, Ben Raymond, and with input, direction and guidance from the amazing – Jonathan Maberry.

Publication Date: Postponed to early August 25, 2017


Hardback: $31.95 plus $3.00 shipping, handling and sales tax. Total Price $34.95

Paperback: $21.95 plus $3.00 shipping, handling and sales tax. Total Price $24.95

Electronic: $7.95

Print Length: 208 Pages

Publisher: JournalStone

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