Forever Man

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Forever Man

Police Chief Elizabeth “Izzy” Morris enjoys keeping the peace in the small town of Kinsey in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. But when her seventeen-year-old daughter goes missing after a school dance and the mutilated corpse of the girl’s date is discovered in the nearby woods, Izzy’s police skills are stretched to their limits.

Her only suspect is a stranger, a mysterious black man with no known past. When a second stranger appears, the investigation stalls. People she once trusted turn against her. The local banker’s autistic son begins to know things no one else does.

And now something unspeakable prowls the woods.

Joined by three friends and the man she once considered her enemy, Izzy races to find her daughter—and ends up trapped in the middle of a war between an ancient evil and the man who has stood in its way for nearly two thousand years.


“Matthews’s debut, a supernatural thriller with a small-town ethos, drops a lot of tantalizing hints and brief scares into a story centered around family relationships. The novel wisely focuses on the human ‘distractions’ who would normally be glossed over in favor of the monster, and it presents their emotional pain and fears in a manner that maintains the suspense throughout.” – Publishers Weekly

“Brian Matthews has written an intriguing story enriched with unique characters intertwined within a plot full of mystery, crime and horror. Strap yourself in and hold on tight.” – K. Trap Jones, Award winning author of The Sinner

“With his debut novel, Forever Man, Brian W. Matthews has turned me into a major fan. Layering horror, mystery and an eternal battle between good and evil, Matthews tells his story with assured, luxurious prose and develops his plot with the skill of a master craftsman. Forever Man is a chiller of the first order. I loved it!” – Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Flesh Eaters and Inheritance

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Author: Brian W. Matthews

Publication Date:  February 15, 2013


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Print Length: 294 Pages

Publisher: JournalSton