Dying Breeds




There is a world inside every photograph.

This world is static.

Every person, frozen in space and time.

Every heart, still…except Miles Singleton’s.

Miles has lived in photographs since he discovered his ability to enter any picture he touched. He’s felt the warmth of life radiating from the bodies therein, coupled with the stillness of death. He has carved his way to their very cores to confirm they are human, inside and out. The inhabitants are flesh and blood, but they’re only facsimiles of people in the world outside. The violence Miles inflicts upon them has no bearing on their counterparts.

But there are rumors of a camera that wreaked havoc on the silent film industry. It is said that anyone and anything the camera captured on film has died or disappeared, except a handful of actresses. Among previous owners, Bridgette “Lola” Louise is one of the last alive. She believes the camera captures a piece of the subject’s soul, and has kept the camera under lock and key since her career’s end.

Miles remembers hearing the stories as a child, and believes that if he finds “the camera that killed the industry” of silent film, he’ll be able to see his violence manifest in both worlds.

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Author: Kirk Jones

Publication Date: November 25, 2022


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