Dead Reflections



One novel, five short stories, two poems, this collection holds a looking glass that unhinges reality in the wee hours; roads that hold with needful, unloving arms; the miasma of damp, autumnal leaves that cling to your heels and follow you home, promising the whisper of darker things still yet to come as your eyes begin to close.

Yes, this is horror, the creeping kind, the kind that lingers and sticks like tombstone mosses, promising cold, dark, ethereal depths. You will face your darkest reflections in the stories bound between these pages. May you delight in the shivers. Don’t forget to look over your shoulder; while you do, you won’t be watching the shadows to your periphery, or what waits just ahead in the nebulous dim, its teeth sharp, its intention deadly.


“Carols Weekes is a gifted writer who brings new life to the haunted house with Dead Reflections, telling a potent tale, where you’ll think twice before gazing into an aged mirror. Each story thereafter is a treasure, as the writer reminds us that death is never too far away, and that darkened creatures could lurk within pouring rain and churning storms. Wishes come true, but the price is blood…and death. Carol Weekes has masterfully created stunning atmosphere with a powerful voice that is difficult to forget. Dead Reflections is a beautifully written collection, classic horror at its finest.”  – Sandy DeLuca, Author of Hell’s Door and Descent

“Home. Family. Pastoral living. Pleasant, comforting images–until Carol Weekes buries the supernatural in the mix! Weekes is a pro at unearthing the underpinnings of seemingly innocuous places and objects and even the weather, allowing what is dark and sinister to creep to the surface as the characters readers identify with enter horrific battles that they may not be able to win. What a page turner!”  –  Nancy Kilpatrick author: Power of the Blood series editor: Danse Macabre: Close Encounters With the Reaper

“A dark and creepy examination of families confronted by small-town horrors, Dead Reflections will give you chills.” —Ronald Malfi, author of Floating Staircase

“Death patiently waits for all of us. We can run but never hide. Not for long anyway. In Carol Weekes terrific new collection, DEAD REFLECTIONS, she uses familiar places such as haunted houses, shadowy travelling carnivals, and ominous stormy nights but then twists those classic settings into a series of truly unique stories that had me smiling from ear to ear. I think you’ll love it. Highly recommended.” – Gord Rollo – Author of THE JIGSAW MAN and ONLY THE THUNDER KNOWS

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Product Details:

Author: Carol Weekes

Publication Date:  February 8, 2013


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Publisher: JournalStone