Cindy McKay is Seattle’s beloved radio personality.  She has fifty thousand friends she talks to every day, but the one secret she can never share is the horror of her personal life.

There seems to be no escape, until she finds the hidden wonders on the dark side of the Internet.  Maybe there is freedom from the daily suffering she faithfully endures.

But, when everything is anonymous, who can Cindy really trust?  She quickly finds that nothing is what it seems, and the solution she had hoped for makes her current problems seem like passing dreams. 

Cindy has opened the door to DarkNet, and in doing so has unleashed a true nightmare.


“DARKNET is a killer! John Little takes no prisoners as he explores the genuine horrors of abuse, and what a woman will risk to protect herself and her child. Creepy and incredibly powerful.” –Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of CODE ZERO and FALL OF NIGHT

“John R. Little’s Darknet is a frighteningly believable trip down a very realistic rabbit hole.  No one excels at taking ordinary men and women through the crucible of extraordinary experience like John R. Little, and his powers are on full display in this hard-hitting, tech-savvy tale of revenge and the search for inner strength and redemption.  I loved this book!” – Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Dead City and Plague of the Undead

“With DarkNet, John R. Little takes readers on a wild ride through the seediest parts of the human condition, from abusive spouses and the women who thrive on their abuse to murderers, thieves, and degenerates. The common bond between them all is DarkNet, the web’s equivalent of the underworld, where anything is available. DarkNet moves at high speed from one crisis to the next, never giving the reader time to catch a breath.” – JG Faherty, author of multiple award-nominated novels, including his latest, The Burning Time.

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Author:   John R. Little

Publication Date:   November 21, 2014


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