Dark Rescue




The journey will be dangerous, but you have to go. You have to take the chance. There’s no other way…only, the answer you’re looking for isn’t where you think it is. 

Bartholomew Owens, the Forever Man, lies unconscious in a house in Michigan, afflicted by an unknown condition that has robbed him of his soul. The Veil that separates the living from the dead has weakened, and the damned now cross it to possess the living. Violence is spreading across the country, across the world. 

Former Police Chief Izzy Morris surfaces from her self-imposed exile to meet these new threats. Joined by friends old and new, she strives to find a way to repair the Veil and save Bartholomew Owens from his terrible fate. But to do so, she must travel to a place she never dreamt existed and attempt an impossible rescue. It will prove a challenge greater than any she has experienced.  

With Dark Rescue, Brian W. Matthews returns to the captivating world of the Forever Men, in his most chilling tale yet. 

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Author: Brian W. Matthews

Publication Date: March 16, 2018


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Print Length: 228 pages

Publisher: JournalStone