Dark Discoveries – Issue #28



Dark Discoveries – Issue #28

Zombie Creature Feature!

Shipping July 31, 2014

All new Fiction by: Kevin J. Anderson, Graham Masterton, Tim Waggoner, Gene O’Neill, Harry Shannon and Brett J. Talley

Interviews with: Doug Bradley, Graham Masterton, Jeffrey Combs, Owl Goingback  and Lloyd and Pat Kaufman

Articles on:

“Gutmunchers! The Italian Zombie Films” by James R. Beach, “JournalStone Publishing’s DoubleDown Series: The Revival of the Ace Doubles”, “Get on the Midnight Meat Train: A Special Anniversary Edition” by Trever Nordgren

Jade Sky Comic by:  Joe McKinney and Patrick Freivald with artwork from Chris Bell

Columns from Jonathan Maberry, Yvonne Navarro, Richard Dansky, Robert Morrish and so much more!

Table of Contents

1. The Writing on the Wall (A Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. Adventure) by Kevin J. Anderson
2.  Unholy Ghost by Graham Masterton
3.  The Talking Dead by Tim Waggoner
4.  On the Right Side of the Road by Gene O’Neill
5.  Bait by Harry Shannon
6.  What You Were Born To Be (A Story of The Reborn) by Brett J. Talley

1.  “Doug Bradley on Horror’s Safety Dance” by Jim Smiley (Interview with Doug Bradley)
2.  “Gutmunchers! The Italian Zombie Films” by James R. Beach
3.  “JournalStone Publishing’s DoubleDown Series”:  The Revival of the Ace Doubles’ by Various
4.  “Reading the Cards with Graham Masteron” by Aaron J. French (Interview with Graham Masterton)
5.  “The Aroma of Troma: An Interview with Lloyd and Pat Kaufman on the 40th Year Anniversary” by James R. Beach
6.  Interview with Jeffrey Combs by Steve Holetz
7.  “Get on the Midnight Meat Train:  A Special Anniversary Edition” by Trevor Nordgren

1.  What the Hell Ever Happened to… An Interview with Owl Goingback by Robert Morrish
2.  Castlevania:  Where Monsters Dwell by Richard Dansky
3.  Double X Chromosome: Lions and Tigers and Monsters, Oh My! by Yvonne Navarro
4.  Once Upon a Nightmare YA Horror: Reflections of Monsters and Creatures, Past and Present by Amy Shane
5.  Things That Bite: Cryptids (Part 3) by By Jonathan Maberry and David F. Kramer
7.  Monsters:  Through a Perspective Glass by Michael R. Collings

Jade Sky Comic by Joe McKinney and Patrick Freivald – Artwork by Chris Bell

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