Crimson King




“…glorious in its batshitness…” — David Moore, SFF Editor, Rebellion Publishing

Banished to his grandparents’ farm for the summer, Casey soon runs afoul of the Bimiangus: a government experiment gone wrong turned bloodthirsty, moordurous bull.

Casey knew there was something wrong with the Bimiangus the moment he laid eyes on it. He just didn’t know how wrong until the cows started disappearing, and the farmer who owned it turned up dead. Now the bull with the dodgy pedigree—rumored to be the result of government experimentation, which explains the size of it, the stink of it, the glowing, toxic green eyes—stands accused of murder. But it’s got one more target before it goes down:

Casey—a ten-year-old boy who never wanted to be on this farm in the first place.

Crimson King is a darkly comical story of a young boy’s personal apocowlypse at his grandparents’ farm. J.B. Rockwell milks this wonderfully strange tale of udder catastrophe for all it’s worth!” — Michael Patrick Hicks, author of the Salem Hawley Series and Broken Shells

“Echoes of Stephen King here, as a finely drawn cast of ordinary folks encounter the ominous, unstoppable menace of a gruesome red beast. Tension-filled and terrifying.” — Colin Sinclair, author of Midnight in the Garden Centre of Good and Evil

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Author: J. B. Rockwell

Publication Date: October 29, 2021


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Print Length: 76 pages

Publisher: Bizarro Pulp Press, an imprint of JournalStone