Cemetery Club

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20 years ago, four friends awoke an ancient evil living beneath the town of Rocky Point, NY. Now it’s back, and only the Cemetery Club can stop it before everyone ends up dead. Or worse.

Rocky Point is a town with a long and violent history, dating back to the 1700s. Mass graves, illegal medical experiments, and brutal murders are just some of the secrets Rocky Point holds. Of course, when Cory, Marisol, John, and Todd form the Cemetery Club during their junior year of high school, they know none of this. All they know is they’ve found the coolest place to party – an old crypt. But when Todd shows up with a Ouji board, things start to go bad. People get murdered, and the Cemetery Club knows the cause: strange, alien-shaped creatures that turn people into cannibal zombies. Wracked with guilt, they descend into the tunnels below the town and somehow manage to stop the killings.

Or so they think.

Now it’s twenty years later, and the murders are starting again. And it’s no coincidence it’s the first time since high school that all four members of the Cemetery Club are back in town. Once more, Todd, Cory, Marisol, and John must band together to defeat the ancient evil once and for all. Except they can’t remember how they did it the last time. The police thing they’re crazy; the Assistant Mayor wants them in jail or dead. And everything the Cemetery Club tries does no good.

It’s a race against time as they eventually find out the true source of the evil infesting Rocky Point and venture into the tunnels once more to face their demons – both personal and real – in a final showdown of good vs. evil.

“JG Faherty seizes his readers by the throat and drags them straight towards the grave with The Cemetery Club., a nail biter in the tradition of the best scare-’em-ups from the 80s. Faherty’s strong characterizations and gripping suspense will leave readers hungry for more.” – Gregory Lamberson, author of Cosmic Forces and The Frenzy Way

“JG Faherty nails the whole small town horror concept with a King-like flair. I definitely identified with the main characters, both past and present. All in all, I thought it was excellent.” – Michael McBride, author of Predatory Instinct and Quiet, Keeps to Himself.

“I’ve known JG Faherty since he was an up-and-comer.  Now he’s arrived.  Start reading him now – as in TODAY – so you won’t have to play catch-up later.” – F. Paul Wilson, author of the bestselling Repairman Jack series.

CEMETERY CLUB is like a plastic pumpkin bucket filled to the top with all of your favorite candies. Loads of gory fun!” –Jeff Strand, author of PRESSURE and DWELLER.

With plenty of new twists on some old favorites, Faherty’s latest novel provides readers with as much fun in a graveyard as the law will allow. Ancient legends, demonic shadow-creatures and ravenous zombies–what more could you ask for?” -Hank Schwaeble, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of DAMNABLE and DIABOLICAL.

Cemetery Club is comfortable horror that features some fine descriptive passages. JG Faherty’s tale doesn’t rock the genre boat – it simply sails along pleasantly.” – Sheila M. Merritt, HellNotes

“Faherty’s latest effort is spell binding terror with a paranormal slant with tons of twists and turns. Often thought provoking and spine tingling several prominent themes are introduced simultaneously.He has initiated an impressive following into The Cemetery Club. With spine tingling, hair raising suspense I look forward to his next tale.” – Dave Gammon, HorrorNews.net

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Publication Date:  March 9, 2012


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