Cannibal Fat Camp

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Cannibal Fat Camp

Miles Landish can’t help himself. He eats and eats and eats and eats just to fill an empty, gaping, hole in his self esteem. Nothing ever seems to fill that hole, even the five star meals Miles’ wealthy parents make possible. So, as a last resort, Miles attends Camp Tum Tum, a weight control camp for spoiled teens. What happens there is only hinted at in high social circles, but the truth must be told. Facing starvation, the campers at Tum Tum make a decision that very few human beings have made. That decision turns Camp Tum Tum into… Cannibal Fat Camp!

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Author:   David C. Hayes and Mark C. Scioneaux

Publication Date:   October 2, 2014


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Print Length:   204 Pages

Publisher:  Bizarro Pulp Press – An Imprint of JournalStone Publishing