Bridge of Souls




In the dark hallways and shadowy rooms of Matheson Manor, an old, largely forgotten nursing home at the edge of an ancient forest, the elderly residents are seeing and hearing disturbing things they cannot explain…

They only come at night.

Magdalena, a young mother and healthcare worker at Matheson Manor, struggles with the relentlessly terrifying nightmares stalking her, certain that the horrors at work have now followed her home…

They surround your bed while you sleep.

George, a recently retired retail worker who has just lost his mother, a woman ravaged with dementia and a resident at Matheson Manor, tries to understand the horrifying recordings she made prior to her death…

No one knows what they are.

Winston, a lonely and socially awkward computer expert living alone for the first time after his mother is sent to Matheson Manor, does his best to make sense of the dark entities she insists watch and whisper to her every time the lights go out…

No one knows what they want.

As their paths cross, Magdalena, George and Winston come together to search for the truth behind what’s taking place, unaware that their hauntings have a reach well beyond anything they could’ve imagined…


Reality’s not what it used to be.

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Author: Greg F. Gifune & Sandy DeLuca

Publication Date: August 19, 2022


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Print Length: 196 pages

Publisher: JournalStone