Blood They Brought and Other Stories




In Medieval Scotland, an English soldier endures a devastating battle only to discover what comes in the night for the blood of war. An itinerant rider chases a crooked dream to a grim finale in the bleak, lonely desert of Old West Texas. The last surviving member of a New England family investigates his flooded ancestral home and the shocking final chapter of his family tree. An arranged marriage deep in the forest for a man on the run turns into a nightmare he could never have imagined in his darkest moments.

From Ed Kurtz, the acclaimed author of At the Mercy of Beasts and Bleed, comes a new collection of dark fiction that will take you on a journey of horrific visions summoned into the bloody battlefields of medieval Europe and the desolate wastelands of the post-Civil War Southwest, from undead horrors in Tsarist Russia to a painful and horrifying parenthood that could only happen to two desperate criminals at the end of their rope. Tales of mythic, bloodthirsty creatures collide with contemporary demons and nature gone amok where the weird and the monstrous are conjured by ill intentions and best laid plans. This is BLOOD THEY BROUGHT.

“A truly great storyteller.” —This is Horror

“A natural storyteller…Kurtz is somewhat of a philosopher, too. He’s one of these authors who can connect the dots and create original narratives from material we all know and love.” —Dead End Follies

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Author: Ed Kurtz

Publication Date: March 8, 2019


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Print Length: 230 pages

Publisher: JournalStone

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