Blackwood Estates




“Holloway channels the lovechild of Richard Laymon and H.P. Lovecraft in this mind-bending nightmare of cosmic horror mayhem.” —Philip Fracassi, author of Behold the Void


Philip Nada was broken by his own success. Once happy but poor, he’s wealthier than he knew possible, but forced to raise his disabled son alone in the big empty house in Blackwood Estates. As he goes through the motions, expecting nothing, a terrifying supernatural phenomenon steals his boy from him. But it isn’t just his son, it’s every single child at home in Blackwood Estates when their subdivision is encircled by a mysterious cloud of fog.

These children are no longer children. They are possessed of something impossible, something from a different time, and a space unimaginable. Something hungry for blood, and insatiable for murder. By day they hunt, but by night they hide, terrified of something even worse, something without form, something that hunts the Outer Dark, and now the interior of their diminishing world.

Phil must find strength to save his son from this otherworldly possession, and lead the survivors away from the damned world of Blackwood Estates. Away from help or hope, they find themselves in a fight to the death with an intrusion from another space and another time.

Phil will have to join forces with an unlikely set of allies, but can a broken man find the strength to defend what little he has left?

“With Blackwood Estates, William Holloway cements himself as the darkest light in the world of Lovecraftian fiction. Cosmic horror like none other, and not to be missed.” —Brett J Talley, Bram Stoker Award® nominee and author of That Which Should Not Be and He Who Walks in Shadow


“With Blackwood Estates, William Holloway confirms his credentials as one of the top horror writers around. Read it and bask in cosmic terror.”—Rich Hawkins, author of the Plague Trilogy

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Author: William Holloway

Publication Date: September 4, 2020


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