Biters – The Reborn



Biters – The Reborn

The Double Down series continues with two novellas that explore very different post-apocalyptic worlds.

Harry Shannon’s Biters is classic noir set at the end of the world. Buck Ryan can’t get enough of Sarah, but she’s had more than enough of her husband. To win the girl for good, all Ryan has to do is kill the man, steal his money and survive the zombie apocalypse on the way back. Piece of cake.

Marcus Ryder ended the Great War with one shot in Brett J. Talley’s The Reborn. He comes home to a brave new world where reincarnation is scientific fact and a simple blood test can reveal exactly who a person will be even before they are born. But when he is chosen for an elite unit that punishes people for their crimes in a past life and stops crime before it starts, Ryder begins to question what he knows about morality and justice. And all the while, the mysterious figure that plunged the world into war may be on the rise again.

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The Double Down IV limited edition hardcover is numbered 1 through 100, bound in leatherette, oversewn binding and includes 60lb natural interior paper, stamped on the front cover and spine, with a Litho Label Gloss dust jacket.

BONUS Material

This is a numbered limited edition with approximately 100 being produced. It will be autographed by both authors (Harry Shannon and Brett J. Talley). The approximate page count is xxx pages.

Product Details:

Author:   Harry Shannon and Brett J. Talley

Publication Date:   April 11, 2014


Limited Edition Hardcover:  Total Price is $49.95, which includes shipping, handling and sales tax

Hardcover: $26.95 plus $3.00 shipping, handling and sales tax. Total Price $29.95

     Paperback:    $15.95 plus $3.00 shipping, handling and sales tax.  Total Price $18.95

     Electronic:    $6.00

Print Length:   228 Pages

Publisher:  JournalStone

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