Beyond the Great, Bloody, Bruised, and Silent Veil of This World

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Beyond the Great, Bloody, Bruised, and Silent Veil of This World


Find yourself on a starship as it lumbers across the desert.

Find yourself on a train looking out at the stars, the earth a blue marble in the infinite black abyss behind you.

Find yourself overdosing on narcotics in a bathtub at home.

The Red Planet.


The Demiurge.


Suicide bombers.

Underground railroads between worlds.

What mysteries link them?

Pull back the veil and see.

In Beyond the Great, Bloody, Bruised and Silent Veil of this World author Jordan Krall creates a wholly unique experience; all at once revelatory, hypnotic, and hallucinatory.

All literal, all parable, all a twisted drug-trip. So read on and know this; it’s all true, and it’s all in your head.


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Author: Jordan Krall

Publication Date: April 21, 2017


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Publisher: Bizarro Pulp Press – JournalStone