Babylon Terminal




In a nightmare world of darkness and violence lies a city that is home to those who inhabit the dreams of the living, those who sleep in daylight and struggle to survive the night. But there are some who break the rules, who believe there may be something better out there beyond their city of dreams, those who run in search of a promised land of sunshine and peace. 
Enter the Dreamcatchers, an elite law enforcement unit assigned to hunt down runners and bring them back—dead or alive. Monk is one of the best, a dark and brooding, by-the-book Dreamcatcher with a reputation for extreme violence. But when his enigmatic wife, Julia, runs, Monk must break the rules himself, and find her before fate or his fellow Dreamcatchers do. 
In a hallucinatory quest for redemption, Monk chases the woman he loves across a city of nightmares and into the wastelands, where unimaginable horrors and wonders await them both, and soon learns there are realities far deadlier than their prison of darkness, his love for Julia or a life together in the light. 
This is the world of darkness, of endless night and doomed dreams. This is the beginning and the end. 
This is Babylon Terminal. 

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Product Details:

Author: Greg F. Gifune

Publication Date: September 28, 2018


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Electronic: $4.95

Print Length: 168 pages

Publisher: JournalStone

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