Wonder Weavers



Wonder Weavers

Starting in the fall of 1896, something very strange was going on in the night skies of the western United States.  Newspapers and law enforcement were inundated with reports of bizarre machines flying over cities and towns, mostly in Texas.  There are thousands of accounts in the newspapers from that time; no one knew what to make of them then, and today in the 21st century, we still don’t.  There were also numerous reports of odd people or figures manning the airships of unknown origin and speaking in unfamiliar languages.  What was going on?  Were people on the ground just making up these stories or do we have a case of multiple witnesses to a major secret event occurring years before the Wright Brothers? 

Matt Bialer, poet of the weird and unexplained, grapples with the mystery in his epic poem, WONDER WEAVERS.  The narrator of the poem is writing a book on the subject while at the same time helping his extremely shy teenage son prepare a book report on HG Wells’ INVISIBLE MAN. He is also continuing his never-ending search for his long lost missing brother who loved airplanes and who first told him about the Wonder Weavers. 

Then the key to the mystery of the airships is possibly found:  A series of large old scrap books of esoteric drawings, collages and watercolors of these unreal flying machines are found at a garbage dump.  The books are from another time and possibly even another realm.  They turn out to be the creation of a reclusive old Prussian butcher who lived in Texas in the 1890s named Charles Dellschau.  The drawings have German and some sort of code in them and many references to a “Sonora Aero Club.”  The object here is to crack the code; the code of human ingenuity. And to soar to the heights of exhilaration and imagination and maybe something even well beyond.

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Author: Matt Bialer

Publication Date: November 6, 2016


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