The Fairy Princess of Trains



The Fairy Princess of Trains

Danny’s mediocre life turns upside-down when his cat disappears and his couch starts whispering to him. Even the trip home from work becomes a little strange, until an encounter with the Fairy King of Trains changes his life forever; he’s been charged with a supernatural mission:

Rescue the Fairy Princess of Trains.

Standing in his way are raging meth-heads, devil dogs, and the Demon of Food That’s Shitty but Tastes Delicious. Getting back to a mediocre life is the one thing that Danny wants, but getting there is going to be a fight.

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Product Details:

Author:   Christopher Boyle

Publication Date:   October 21, 2014


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Print Length:   90 Pages

Publisher:  Bizarro Pulp Press – An Imprint of JournalStone Publishing