Most kids stop eating glue in the first grade. When overly stressed, 36 year old Cody Richardson still does, it soothes and calms his nerves, bringing him peace. Cody suffers from PICA, an unassailable appetite to eat what others consider inedible. After a work deadline pushes him to near death overdose of school glue, Cody learns he needs to stop eating the bowl congesting substance. With a little help from his best friend, the wise words of a pro wrestler turned televangelist and a beautiful woman with a nauseating taste for the disgusting, Cody’s journey towards recovery not only changes his life, but those around him. Glue is the story of how a person can pull themselves from the lowest point of their lives and elevate to unseen heights, proving one person can make a difference.

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Author:  Scott Lange

Publication Date: March, 2013


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Print Length: 96 Pages

Publisher: JournalStone – Bizarro Pulp Press