Day of the Milkman




Day of the Milkman

In a world dominated by the milk industry, only one milkman remains after a terrible storm sinks all the ships and throws the Great White Sea out of balance. The storm has left HiLo, the last milkman, to endure the memories of a world that left him behind. Adrift upon a lonely sea in a lonely world, his search for food, drinkable milk, and survivors is soured by the ghosts of those he lost. But World Milk, HiLo’s former employer, left many secrets in its wake; with the company of a ghostly hologram woman, HiLo’s quest for answers might resurrect the once-glorious milk industry and return the world to creamy freshness. The day of the milkman is upon us.

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Author: S.T. Cartledge

Publication Date: June 17, 2014


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Print Length: 138 Pages

Publisher: JournalStone – Bizarro Pulp Press