Dark Discoveries – Issue #33



 Dark Discoveries – Issue #33


All new Fiction by: Cameron Price, John Palisano, Max Booth III, MP Johnson, Mary A. Turzillo and Shane McKenzie

Interviews with: Laird Barron, Hal Duncan and Thom Metzger

Articles on: “Bizarro Punk” by David Agranoff, “Bizarro World Got Me Dirty and Wet” by L. Andrew Cooper, “Coffee – Bootlegging – Labyrinths” by Aaron J. French and Bizarro Comic by Phil Differ and Gavin Boyle

Columns from Mike Davis, Laird Barron, Robert Morrish, Donald Tyson and Richard Dansky!

Table of Contents


1. Asseblief  by Cameron Pierce
2. Flowers  by John Palisano
3. Hypnagogia  by Max Booth III
4. Love Skull  by MP Johnson
5. The Other One  by Mary A. Turzillo
6. We Be What We Be  by Shane McKenzie


  1. “Master of the Weird: An Interview with Laird Barron” by Aaron J. French & Chris Kelso
  2. “Singing the Hours: An Interview with Hal Duncan” by Chris Kelso
  3. “Bizarro Punk” by David Agranoff
  4. “Bizarro World Got Me Dirty and Wet” by L. Andrew Cooper
  5. “Coffee—Bootlegging—Labyrinths” by Aaron J. French
  6. “Bizarro Comic” by Gavin Boyle
  7. “Featured Reviews: “Alejandro Jodorowsky” by Colleen Wanglund


1. “Weird Reflections: A Greeting” by Mike Davis
2. “What the Hell Ever Happened to… Thom Metzger” by Robert Morrish
3. “The Black Barony: The Golden Age of Dread” by Laird Barron
4. “Bizarro Games” by Richard Dansky
5. “Murmers in the Dark: The Progression of Modern Horror” by Donald Tyson

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