The Policy



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After his divorce, Hunt Jackson decides to start over in Tucson, where an old buddy fixes him up with his wife’s friend, Beth. The attraction is immediate, and they’re married a few months later. But Hunt’s happiness is marred by his bizarre encounter with an insurance agent whose insistence that Hunt increase his coverage sounds, incredibly, like a threat. The agent – tall, gaunt, oddly dressed in an old-fashioned suit and fedora – is himself a menacing figure. And it soon becomes clear that whoever turns down his “offer” suffers catastrophic consequences: property destruction, fire, tornadoes – in tornado-free Arizona! What is going on? Hunt and Beth are determined to find out – never suspecting that the company’s policy for life insurance will turn out to be more terrifying than death….


Product Details:

Author: Bentley Little

Publication Date: June 2021 – Audio Only Edition

Price: $24.95

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