Death of a Diva at Honeychurch Hall


Death of a Diva at Honeychurch Hall

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Spring is in the air…and so, too, is the sound of music as the residents of Honeychurch Hall are stunned to learn that the Dowager Countess Lady Edith Honeychurch has agreed to the staging of a production of The Merry Widow in the dilapidated grand ballroom.

Fears that the fiercely private octogenarian must be going senile are soon dismissed when our heroine Kat Stanford learns that the favor is a result of a desperate request from Countess Olga Golodkin. As one of Edith’s oldest friends, Olga is the director of the amateur Devon Operatic Dramatic Organization.

Just a week before, D.O.D.O’s original venue was destroyed in a mysterious fire; but since tickets have been sold, costumes made, and lucrative local sponsorships secured, Olga is determined that the show must go on. After decades at the helm of D.O.D.O., The Merry Widow will be Olga’s swansong, and she wants to go out with a bang.


Product Details:

Author: Hannah Dennison

Publication Date: May 2021 – Audio Only Edition

Price: $19.95

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