Reign of the Nightmare Prince



Rakam’s world is under attack by an ancient adversary that has plagued his people for generations – or so it would seem. All around him, these new Shaitani – supernatural beasts with mythical powers – murder the innocent and burn any evidence a village even existed. Through his gift of True Sight, that allows him to look into the greater world, Rakam sees the devastation of his native lands, and the danger his people now face.

The True Sight abandons him however, after he is visited by an evil spirit, on a journey through the desert. But there is still much to do. The loss doesn’t stop Rakam and his great-grandfather Mabetu from leading their people in a fight to save the world they love. The quest ultimately unites the remaining villages under a common goal, the fight for survival.

The crusade against the invaders leads to battles against not only the mystic and evil terrors native to Rakam’s world, but also with the alien powers that wish to destroy everything. Survival means defeating an enemy with superior weapons and a thirst for blood. Although it seems like a fight he’s destined to lose, Rakam is willing to die to save his world from certain annihilation.

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Author:   Michael Phillips

Publication Date:    July 8, 2011


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Publisher:  JournalStone