Clara Claus – Alexandra Lanc

Published Date: October 7th 2011
Available editions: Paperback, Kindle
Language : English
Clara Claus by Alexandra Lanc

What is the true meaning of Christmas? 

“The world was given the greatest gift, and that’s what started Christmas.” 

Jack Frost has done it again! He’s tried to destroy Christmas, and now he’s going to loose his job–for good. And the only thing that can save him is something he doesn’t want…to fall in love with a human before sunrise on Christmas morn.

As Christmas draws nearer and Jack’s time ticks by, Santa’s granddaughter Clara arrives in the North Pole. Playing the role of “tour guide”, Jack feels drawn to the snow obsessed girl, who sees things as no one else does.

But when faced with the chance to leave the past behind, will the prince of winter choose to look towards the future? Will Jack’s new plan to destroy Christmas prove fatal for the North Pole and its holiday, or can Clara finally melt his icy heart?

In this fantastical Holiday novel, author Alexandra Lanc explores the wonder of Christmas and reveals the truth about hope.

What else could be more perfect than to spark your Christmas mood with a romantic story of actual Christmas characters?

Quote from the Author’s note: Even though it’s called Clara Claus, the story is truly about Jack Frost.

Christmas has been my favourite holiday in the year, and I enjoyed everything related to Christmas. I’ve eaten turkey, I’ve opened presents, I’ve watched Jim Carrey as Scrooge, but Clara Claus was as good as all the other movies I’ve watched (perhaps better) and I was completely smittened by the story.

Though the book was titled Clara Claus, the story centered around Jack Frost (do you know the ‘blue’ man in Christmas shows? But Jack was not blue here though ~grins~), who was one of Santa’s employee that hated Christmas and tried to destroy this festive day in numeral occasions. He was going to be banished from the North Pole if he did not find ‘love’ in one week. Having being bitter and cold for the past few years because of a horrific tragedy that happened because of Christmas, Jack thought the task was absurd and tried to come up yet with another plan to destroy Christmas. Until he was given an even more ridiculous task, he was appointed to be Santa’s granddaughter’s tour guide, in short, Clara’s babysitter. The horror! But Jack had figured that he could use Clara for his own ends, he would change her mind on Christmas (and Santa) and make her carry out his masterplan. The question is, did Jack changed Clara or did Clara changed Jack….

I just have to praise Alexandra for coming up with this brilliant story plot! I never came across a Jack Frost’s story (not to mention I have not read any Christmas-related book) and was actually amazed that Alexandra decided to dedicate her first book to a not-so-recognized character in Christmas tradition. If I were to ask my friends who Jack Frost was, they would probably answer ‘Isn’t he the snow man?’ Close, but still…Frost and snow are two completely different things aren’t they?

Clara Claus was a touching, humorous and satisfying read, and often I found myself to be biting my lips and trying to quench the ache I felt when reading the bitter story that happened to both Clara and Jack. Often I was overwhelmed with the deisre to give them a huge hug!

Jack was probably my favourite character in the story (not trying to be cliche for falling in love with the main character :P). At first, he was hot tempered and full of anger and was extremely ‘Frosty’, but I always laughed at his overreaction and outburst, despite being such a/an (adorable) kid, I find him funny. Yet throughout the book, I had watched him mature and accept love, although love had been something he could not comprehend. I love reading abouthis journey of discovering love and discovering the true meaning of Christmas.

I am always picky with the girl characters I read about in stories, but there was nothing I would complain about with Clara, she might have just faced a tragedy and was controlled by her Cinderella-stepmother, but she was strong, and she wouldn’t let that define her. I respected her because she has such a good heart and she was not easiy detered from getting to know Jack.

Of course, the beautiful snowy and Christmas-ish setting also painted a graphic image in my mind (I was a click away from booking myself a ticket to North Pole) and the story would not be the same if we don’t have Santa and St.Nick (TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE!) and other characters that made the story alive! Furthermore, this story was creative because (I try to give as little spoilers as possible):

1. Who would have thought of Santa’s ‘business’ has a company-like system?

2. Santa’s people were actually immortals!

3. That Santa’s employees don’t only make toys but actually has cool superpowers as well? Like Jack Frost who created Frost, North who is responsible for the North Wind, and, oh you get the idea….

A Christmas story with a fairytale and romantic twist retold in a moden adaptation just for everyone! Perfect way to welcome Christmas, even if you don’t celebrate it!

Reviewed by,
Natasha Anne


Priscilla the Great


Priscilla the Great by Sybil Nelson

CreateSpace 2011

ISBN: 9781453776273

Available in e-book and paperback

Fire flinging fingertips, making armored, killer guards rock out to some pop music, and an invisible jet.  Man, the lifestyles of the not-so-rich and super-powered.

Priscilla is just like any other 7th grade girl.  She’s got a mop of red hair, a overprotective father, a football playing brother, and a set of twin brothers.  She and her best friend, Tai, have been plotting ways to get Priss’ crush to finally crush back on her.  Then, one day, Priss isn’t so normal anymore.  Right before school at the coolest pool party, her extremely hot crush makes her feel REALLY hot, hotter than she has ever felt before, her face is red and her body is definitely feeling ‘off’.  Pass it off as hormones, stress, or nerves, but when you can set fire to a bathroom towel by touching it, something has changed.

Priscilla learns at this point that she may never be normal again, and this fire thing?  Is she going to scorch something every time she sees her favorite guy?  This cannot be happening, and who is she going to tell?  Who will believe her?  The answer to that: more people than she realized, and it’s an awful lot for her to understand.  Oh yea – she is kidnapped and about to be killed now, did I forget to mention that?  And her so-called super powers decide to take a vacation, not too super after all, huh?

I flew through this book!  I loved the whole journey.  It was fun, it was funny, it was exciting.  I can’t wait to keep going with this series.  The way the author ended it was a cliffhanger I am too weak to resist.

We get to see a real family in this story.  With all of the ups and downs of sibling relationships and parent/child drama.  It all feels very real, even with the super powers thrown in.  You can tell the family has a real dynamic to it.  Who hasn’t loved and hated their siblings all at the same time.  The same is true in this family.  One of my favorite parts is when a booger war is invoked to help the older brother out, even if he didn’t realize it at the time.  (Every family needs to experience a good booger war!)

Young adults and some of us not-so-young adults will rush to end of the book, when my Kindle said that I had hit the 100% mark…I was not a happy girl.  I couldn’t believe I finished it that quickly.  I WILL be joining the gang for round two of Priscilla the Great!

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