The Pentacle Pendant

The Pentacle Pendant

By:  Stephen M. DeBock

ISBN:  9781936564279

Expected Publication:  October 14, 2011

Available Format:  Hardcover, Paperback, ebook

My Rating:  ★★★★☆

In the throes of passion, Claire doesn’t take her lover seriously when he confesses he is a werewolf and asks if he can change her.  When she awakes, it isn’t such a joke to her any longer.  Claire manages to somehow adjust to her new life.  Soon, however, her lover is led astray by another woman who wants his gift as well as his loyalty.  When she realizes his heart belongs to Claire, she vows to destroy both their lives forever.  Now, Claire is pursued by agents who wish to protect her and the evil that wishes to end her life.  Who will succeed, and will Claire’s humanity survive the heartbreak and loss she must endure along the way?

Don’t let the synopsis fool you.  This isn’t really a romance novel.  There are werewolves and vampires and big, burly military guys…okay, so that doesn’t help much does it?  Well, how about a kick ass protagonist who is after the next righteous kill and a nasty vampire that mutilates her boyfriend?

I love the way Claire’s character was introduced as cruel and vicious.  It makes the reader want to hate her initially.  Then, we get to go back and hear her story and see how she got to that point and what is driving her to be so vicious.  We see her in a whole new light and can’t help but have sympathy.

I’ll probably get labeled a prude again, but all the sex in the first half or so started to get on my nerves a bit.  I get what the author was putting across, but at some point, I really wanted more content and less bedroom. I was also a teensy bit put off by the art teacher’s intro to the story.  At first, if felt like he was interrupting the plot…but as things continued to develop, it was easy to see exactly what a very pivotal purpose his character served.  And, in a way, the interruption fit perfectly with his character (i.e. irritatingly persistent). ;-)

Overall, this is a great take on the darker side of werewolves and especially vampires.  It’s nice to step away from the young adult interpretations of these creatures now and then.  This story evoked so many reactions and emotions while being satisfyingly entertaining.  What more could you ask for?!?

Review by Cassie McCown

Wereworld – Rise of the Wolf

Wereworld – Rise of the Wolf by Curtis Jobling

Penguin 2011

ISBN: 9780670013302

Available Sept 2011 in hard cover


Tragedy, romance, flying fur, and sharpened, pointy teeth tearing through flesh…to top it all off werewolves were not the only things shifting in this book.

This is the realm of the Werelords. The noble families are all of different were descent. Fox, wolf, bear, and even boar are all represented in the land of Lyssia. Drew and his brother, Trent grew up on a farm with their mother and father, not unlike many other poor farming families in the kingdom. One night, as Drew and his mother awaited the remainder of the family to come back from town, a storm blew in the window of their home along with it the hopes of any normal future Drew had. A hulking monster attacked Drew, slays his mother, and flees after Drew manages to injure the terrifying beast. Upon Mark’s (Drew’s father) return, he attacks Drew thinking he is responsible for his beautiful wife’s murder.
After running Drew through with his sword, the most extraordinary thing happened. Drew not only managed to keep his footing, but he was able to flee.

From here Drew seems to alter the lives of everyone he comes into contact with. Prophecies have been written about a change soon to come. Could Drew be the one foretold in the ancient prophecies? This young lad, who isn’t even quite sure what he is, has the innate ability to reach out and help those in their most dire hour. The kingdom is being controlled by the werelion, who has used his power to keep the people downtrodden and looking for a brighter future. Drew may be their only shining hope.

I devoured this novel. I had to force myself on several occasions to put this book down so I could not only work, but get my school work in as well. The scenes were described in great detail, but not to where it bored the reader and stopping the flow and action in the story. I have a tendency to “tune out” when the descriptions are too narrative and puts a halt to the adventures of the characters. The descriptions were done mainly through the viewpoints of the characters, which I always find more interesting than a page narrative about the environment.

The characters are enchanting. Some you love, some you are weary of, some you admire. By the end of the story, I remembered each of their names(which is an accomplishment for me), and am actually invested in their futures. This is not a short story, and we have plenty of time to get to know them intimately.

Some of the parts were predictable in the story, but I think that was still one of the charms of the book. We always know in these stories that we will have the one character, at least, that we will get to see grow, mature, change, and become the person we knew he or she could be. That provided me with the familiar comfort that I long for in certain stories. But there was enough action and twists in the story that I was always wanting to turn the page to see where our heroes and antagonists would take us next. Heroes and enemies popped up where we least expected, and death was not saved for the villains.

This books is set to be published in September of this year. Please, reserve your copy of this book, and put it on your to-read-list. It was an amazing adventure, and it was one I was reluctant to leave behind. Five stars to Wereworld and Curtis Jobling.


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