In a Heartbeat

In a heartbeat
By Loretta Ellsworth
Published Date: February 15, 2011
Publisher: Walker & Company
Available Format: Paperback, Ebook,
Amelia lived because Eagan died, but Eagan isn’t gone

When a small mistake costs Eagan her life, she leaves many things behind – including her heart, which now lives in Amelia’s body. From Eagan’s vantage point in her pwn version of heaven, she
relives vivd memories through her still-beating heart and is distressed by her
troubled relationship with her mother. Unable to move on without resolving her
past, Eagan is trapped…

Despite her mixed emotions of joy and guilt about her new chance at life, Amelia feels lucky to be alive. But when she begins to take on strange new characteristics, Amelia wonders if her heart donor
is trying to tell her something. Is it too late for Amelia to help the girl who saved her life?

In a heartbeat is a must read! (okay, just have to shout it out)

I couldn’t possibly explain why this book has affected me
so much, both emotionally and mentally but I do want to mention one thing, it
has changed me inside out. I am constantly searching for books that could make
me weep, and reflect on myself, books that could talk sense into me or give me
an insightful trip to destination life. In a heartbeat achieved

Now, I would say the writing was unsatsifying because there are
few parts which I hope the author would elaborate more, however, it’s the story
plot that matters, and the characters, both in which I am very satisfied with.
In a heartbeat potrayed two protagonist, Amelia and Eagan. Eagan was a ice
skater who died in an accident and she donated her heart to Amelia, who needed a
heart transplant. But here’s where the story started, Amelia began to develop
several characteristics that Eagan possessed and she felt connected to Eagan in
a unique way, as if she knew her before. Amelia wanted to find Eagan’s family
(with the help of Ari) so that she could find answers as well as helping Eagan
to pass on.

Even though the story plot was not as romantic as Twilight,
or as heart wrenching as other books, still it made my heart clenched. It was
written in Amelia’s and Eagan’s POV so I was able to understand both of their
thoughts and emotions, and made the reading experience more intensed!

From Eagan’s POV

I read about the flashbacks
she had when she’s in the in-between state…Her relationship with her mum was
not on the best terms, still she loved her. Her dad was loving and her grandpa
was a strong man. In high school, she amazingly attracted the hottest guy,
Scott. Things were going well, until she died. From her POV, I read about her
regrets, her longing, her frustration, and how she was finally able to accept
her death.

From Amelia’s POV

I read about the
transition of Amelia from feeling vulnerable to strong and vibrant. However,
there was a guilt in her heart, guilty because someone has to die in order to
let her live. She was constantly battling that regret, that her family was
rejoicing while the other family was mourning (that was pretty insightful for a
14 year old). With the help of Ari, brother to Tomas who had a heart transplant
too, she sought Eagan’s family out and approached them.

A gripping
short tale that remained in my heart after I closed the book, I felt as if I was
reborn (dramatically speaking) and became more matured. Praises to In a

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