Tempest’s Legacy

Tempest’s Legacy by Nicole Peeter

Orbit 2011

ISBN: 978-0316056601

Available in e-book, mass market paperback and audio book

I never knew sea creatures could be so bad ass while holding on to that cute little innocence that drives photographers wild. The fantasy realm has a new contender vying for the most incredible supernatural creature. Weres and Vamps better hang on to their fangs because, in some cases, the flipper may be mightier…

For those of you who have not yet met Miss Jane True, she is a selkie. Part seal – the rest – all woman, which I think makes her extremely adorable, but do not let your guard down. She is a “do not mess with me” type of gal who will put you in your place, and then stand there wondering how she managed to do it. With the waves driving her strength, there are few opponents who can stop her once the tidal force behind this little woman is unleashed.

Miss Jane True is having quite the tough life lately, her mother is dead, and the new world she recently learned she belonged to is now in another struggle for survival. Someone/something is kidnapping her people and doing who knows what with them. All the community knows is that when they finally locate the missing women, it is only good because they can plan a burial. Jane thinks she knows who is behind all of these kidnappings and murders, but could she really be right? If she is, can they all be strong enough to bring this murderer to justice?

This story has a lot of what other fantasy novels have in them these days. Supes, half-bloods, magic, and sex. The one thing that I did really love about this book, is that although it hints at things at times, there was no real sex involved in this book. A few mentions of naughty thoughts, but nothing graphic…and definitely nothing overdone. I really love vampire and were books, but lately, a trend seems to have started…authors think that we have to have sex mixed with out supes in order to enjoy the story. They could not be more wrong, Nicole Peeler got it right in this book. There are hints of “adult” situations, but we could sit back, love a great, fast paced, gritting your teeth adventure without having to read through soft or hard core porn.

5 stars to Tempest’s Legacy!! LOVED IT!!!!

Wolves Dressed as Men

Wolves Dressed as Men by Steve Lowe

Eternal Press 2010

ISBN 9781615722372

Available in e-book and paperback


Mercy – it is a word that many people hope will be shown to them in their time of need, but what does mercy truly mean? Snuffing out one life for the sake of many other lives, or is the risk of saving that one life merciful enough?

The Tracker understands his form of mercy.  Handed down through generations his task has been sent down from God to save the world from the demons of the Devil himself.  He will destroy every last one of them and anyone who stands in the way.

Theiss is in need of true mercy.  His life has been stripped from him, right down to his very being.  He can not recall even his own name.  All there is – is right now – and the urges that come in the night.  Momentary eases in the anger and pain come in the beautiful form of Maria, a woman who sees the turmoil behind his eyes and resting in his soul.

Jocoby is a journalist who has seen his better days, reduced to writing drivel in a common tabloid.  Stumbling across the story that could make his career with this company, he discovers that the unbelievable is happening.  The werewolf exists; the werewolf lives.  A real story is here, not a manufactured one waiting on the presses.  Jacoby starts out to catch the truth, and ends up with more than he can claw his way through.

Although quite short, this book gives plenty of bang for the buck.  There is no time in its pages for a lull in the action.  Everything is there that is needed, no extra garbage added in to give the author the feel of a “full” novel.  This has everything one one quaint, convenient package.  The cover is brilliant.  The tracker is depicted on the front, outlined and see-though.  To me this represents his personality and his purpose perfectly.  Noticeable – but without true substance.  He was following an old set of laws blindly, mindlessly.  The thought of true mercy never crossing his mind.

The depth given to the characters in the book are surprising given the short amount of time we have with each of them, the feelings and thoughts are expressed without many of them saying a word.  Steve does not take his audience for fools – having to spell out to the letter what is going on with each of them, giving us a chance to feel it with them through the experience.

A werewolf story truly turns into a thought provoking read in Wolves Dressed as Men.  Don’t be that lazy reader and let these pages slide by you without picking up the brilliance and subtlety contained between the covers.



Resonance by A. J. Scudiere

GriffynInk 2008

ISBN 9780979951008

Available in e-book and paperback


You turned my world upside down.  It’s a phrase that is thrown around quite often, without a second thought about what it could imply.  What if one day the world really did start turning upside down?  You can’t escape it, the world isn’t waiting for you to adjust.  It’s going to follow it’s course, and give itself the biggest face life its had since T-Rex ruled the world.

Jillian, Jordan, David, and Becky all come from radically different backgrounds, all with PhDs in their own fields.  All four of them come to the realization something is definitely wrong in the world today.  Jillian and Jordan, both working with the CDC, learn about a new disease that is killing people by the droves with no rhyme or reason.  David learns the rocks he loves are not quite making sense.  The way the geologists are labeling them is completely messed up.  Becky is finding six legged frogs in her backyard and birds that are flying to the wrong places at the wrong times.

None of these phenomenon seem to relate to each other at all, until the four meet up unexpectedly in a small town where people dying and the world seems to have changed its mind about a few laws it once had. They learn the polarities of the earth are changing.  North is now south; south is now north, but this only seems to be happening in bubbles, and the bubbles are growing larger.   Someone send St. Nick a change of address card and pray he survives.

It took me a little while to get into this book.  The storyline seemed to crawl at the beginning.  The set up may have taken a little longer than necessary, but the middle and ending of the book were worth trudging through the beginning for.  The plot was incredibly creepy.  The end of the world has been in the forefront of many people’s minds lately.  This is a new twist on one scenario of the demise of the world.  This book takes you for a fool a couple of times, just when you think things are finished, another curve ball has been pitched your way, and you may need to step back in order from being hit by the ball.  Once you hit the midway point, do not let your guard down, or you may miss something important.

The characters in the book are a bit on the “unreal” side at times, but that could be because I don’t usually find myself surrounded by geniuses on a regular basis and therefore have no basis on how they would behave.  I guess someone truly brilliant would be able to think things through and come up with the brilliance that occurs.  The characters are lovable though.  There was a character that only lasted a chapter or two that I found myself mourning when he passed.  There are meaningful layers to each of these characters that make you want to slap them or hug them, depending on the situation.

If you can handle the creepiness of the possible end of the world, pick this book up and give it a good chance.  The story may start off slow, but you will be tightening your seat belt before it is all said and done.


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